Curriculum Information at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

The curriculum framework at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is based on the National Curriculum for England from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6. Key knowledge, skills and understanding identified in the National Curriculum that underpin success in education, employment, lifelong learning and personal development are embedded in planning.

Our outstanding ‘Creative Curriculum’ design helps to excite children about learning and provides relevant and meaningful learning experiences. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School provides a vibrant, inclusive and creative learning environment that encourages challenge, curiosity and choice. Our excellent standards create a learning programme that is exceptionally rich, relevant and fun.

The National Curriculum for England is based on a structured and broad framework that outlines expected levels of achievement for the duration of the student’s education. The curriculum also provides a regular programme of student assessment and evaluation to ensure that students are working towards levels of attainment appropriate to their age and capability. The National Curriculum for England is divided into Key Stages. 


Key Stage

Age on Entry

National Curriculum for England Year Group

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

Foundation Stage

3 Years

Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

4 Years

Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)

Key Stage 1

5 Years

Year 1

6 Years

Year 2

Key Stage 2

7 Years

Year 3

8 Years

Year 4

9 Years

Year 5

10 Years

Year 6

GEMS Jumeirah College

Key Stage 3

11 Years

Year 7

12 Years

Year 8

13 Years

Year 9

Key Stage 4

14 Years

Year 10

15 Years

Year 11

Sixth Form

16 Years

Year 12

17 Years

Year 13

The curriculum at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is also underpinned by the GEMS core values of Global Citizenship, Growing By Learning, Leading Through Innovation and Pursuing Excellence. These values are embedded into curriculum planning so that pupils are not only prepared for academic success, but equipped to be well-rounded lifelong learners and responsible, proactive members of the global community, poised to engage the future with competence and confidence.

The preparation of our pupils for their future in a world where globalisation and technology are driving rapid change requires that the curriculum at every point includes the use of IT to enhance its delivery and to draw on world resources.