The Wellbeing Department works to promote and protect the social and emotional wellbeing of all JPS pupils, families and staff. We aim to work proactively and reactively to ensure sound emotional development, which in turn allows pupils to flourish within the classroom.

The values we promote for all our community of students, staff and parents are based on the PERMA model of positive psychology applied to education. Our core values are to promote a positive community, positive emotions, positive health, positive relationships, positive achievement and positive mindset.

Nadine de Mascarel, Olivia Gavin and Alison Kuit are three Psychologists, passionate about promoting wellbeing for our JPS community, as well as responding to the individual needs of our students.

Working days:
Nadine de Mascarel - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Olivia Gavin - Tuesday PM, Wednesday and Thursday
Alison Kuit - Monday and Wednesday

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