GEMS Jumeirah Primary School has a large Inclusion team comprised of many specialist areas of provision.

One to One Specialist Literacy Support

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School offers individualised support for children who fit the criteria for dyslexia or require additional support in the acquisition of phonological awareness. The support follows a structured curriculum and is delivered using a multi-sensory approach. Evidence gathered shows the positive impact of the support in terms of reading, spelling and academic progress.

One to One Specialist Math Support

GEMS Jumeirah Primary Schools offers individual support for children who fit the criteria for dyscalculia or require additional support in securing mathematical concepts. The support follows the advice of Steve Chinn and Dr. Ansari, who are world renowned in this field. Lessons are delivered using multi-sensory resources and using a structured curriculum. Evidence from assessments shows that children receiving this support have made significant gains.

One-One Learning Support Assistants

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School has the facility to support children individually with Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), who are allocated on a case by case basis. The support they provide is tailored to meet the learning needs of the child with the aim being to reduce the barriers to learning that the child might be experiencing. This support is informed by a team of professionals including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, ABA therapists, psychologists and the Head of Inclusion, along with the support of parents.