JPS Music Department

The GEMS Jumeirah Primary School Music and Performing Arts Department comprises of two Music Specialist Teachers and a Music TA:

  • Mrs. Bannister – Head of Music & Performing Arts
  • Mrs. Scribner – Class Music Teacher
  • Ferzin Farias – Music TA

The music programme ‘Musicplay’, which follows the Kodaly & Orff methodologies of musical learning, is used at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School in lesson delivery. It has proven to be a highly successful program in the field of music education.

The two music rooms are each equipped with a variety of musical instruments to enhance the learning experience. Students are also taught how to read and write using traditional treble staff notation, which leads to improvising simple compositions to be shared with fellow classmates.

All children in Year 4 learn the Ukulele as part of their curriculum.

The ‘Musicplay’ program has a strong foundation in singing. Students are regularly introduced to a variety of songs from numerous musical genres. These songs help to reinforce various rhythmic patterns, a variety of tempos and dynamics, different time signatures and a wide range of musical language.

Music students at GEMS  Jumeirah Primary School are provided with many opportunities to perform in class, in year group music assemblies and at ‘Show Time Thursday’. Performance auditions are held every day at break times and students are encouraged to work hard and practise regularly to perfect their musical skills.

In addition to this there are several music-based after school clubs (ASAs) at school.

Over and above the ASA and performance opportunities in school, students are encouraged and supported to enter inter-school competitions, such as ‘The GEMS Musician of the Year’, ‘Which School Advisor Musician of the Year’, as instrumentalists and vocalists, as well as external competitions.

Each year, the students in Year 6 put on a musical production under the direction of the Head of Music. Some past productions have been Annie, Oliver, Mary Poppins, Pocahontas, Peter Pan and Jungle Book. Performances will be in the last week of Term 3.

The students at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School have an opportunity to take private lessons from trained music teachers through the GMA (GEMS Music Academy), managed by GEMS Support Centre. Students take lessons on musical instruments such as piano, guitar, voice, flute, cello, violin, clarinet and drums. The students take their music lessons during the school timetable for one half hour per week between 07:30-2:00pm.