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Little GEMS International

At Little GEMS International (LGI), we believe that every step in education is important.  It has been scientifically proven that the pre-school years are the most important in students achieving their full potential and we look forward to partnering with parents along this journey.    

The Little GEMS International program incorporates the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework and is based on the latest international research on brain  development in the early years.  A strong parent component allows parents to observe, document and contribute to a child’s learning experiences through the formative years.    

As children continue their educational development, we extend to them an opportunity to join one of our schools by offering priority placements for KG1 or FS2 programs.  Students must be part of a Little GEMS Emerald program (equivalent to PreK/FS1) for a full academic year to be eligible for priority placement on a school’s waitlist after siblings. 

The GEMS Admission Policy follows this placement order when offering seats to waitlisted students. 

  • GEMS Corporate Clients
  • Students with siblings in the school.
  • Little GEMS International Students
  • Students from other GEMS schools.
  • Waiting list according to submission of completed application.

Please select one of our links to start the enquiry process at one of our schools.          

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