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Middle School

Our Middle School learning program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young adolescents by offering a holistic program which encourages independence, collaboration and responsibility. We want our students to be intrinsically motivated and actively engaged in their learning. We understand that in this age group students need to be exposed to a wide range of subjects but they also need a level of autonomy or choice in their program. This is why in addition to mandatory core subjects, our students have the opportunity to select from a range of elective offerings in Grade 7 & 8 after trialing exploratory courses in Grade 6.

Lisa Hewitt

Middle School Principal

Meet The Middle School Principal

The middle years are a period of transition – cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. At DAA we want our middle schoolers to take risks, to develop a strong sense of self and to increase their level of independence and responsibility. We want our students to feel actively engaged, connected to our community and fully prepared for the new experiences and challenges high school will bring.


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What is the MYP?

The MYP is a programme designed for students ages 11-16.

Teaching in IB programmes is:

Through the six teaching principles stated above, the IB and GIS agree that students learn best when they investigate personally, and locally and globally significant issues by: 

  • formulating their own questions
  • designing their own inquiries
  • proceeding with research, experimentation, observation and analysis that will help them find their own responses to the issues
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  • Accordion Item 2


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