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Enrichment Extension

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Enrichment Events

Enrichment Groups

Enrichment at JPS provides opportunities for all children.  JPS recognises the uniqueness of each child through a programme of learning that promotes challenge and personalised education at all levels. Depending on the need, children are given Enrichment Extension or Enrichment Support in small, focused withdrawal sessions or through in-class support. Enrichment groups remain flexible throughout the year, depending on children’s individual learning needs and the area of curriculum being taught in class.  

Gifted and Talented

Children who are identified as potentially Gifted and Talented will receive ongoing provision in class and may be involved in Enrichment group work providing extension activities. Identification is ongoing and groups remain flexible as children are selected depending on their fluency and understanding of concepts taught in class. Children also have the opportunity of being involved in a number of Enrichment and Gifted and Talented Events, competing against other schools. 

Enrichment Events  

JPS offers its students the exciting opportunity to participate in a wide variety of both external and internal competitions such as chess, Design Technology, art, Masterchef -style cooking challenges, reading, writing, elocution, debating and mathematics, to name a few. We also encourage our children to take part in competitions offered through COBIS and BSME, both of which we are members of. 

This year, we have introduced the Junior Duke Awards across KS1 and KS2. These competitions build self-confidence in the children and they love the chance to showcase their knowledge and skills outside the classroom.

Music Enrichment

Music is central to the life of the school. Children are encouraged to perform right from the start of their school days in a range of music assemblies and 'Thursday Showtime!’ performances. We offer a wide range of musical and performing arts clubs including Chamber Choir, JPS Singers, Festive Choir, Musical Theatre, String group, Woodwind group, Band, Recorders and Ukulele. These are celebrated in a termly concert, which regularly features over two hundred children.


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