BSO Report

British Schools Overseas Report - inspected by Penta International

Released March 2023

The school provides outstanding levels of care and education for its students. The school’s strongly held belief that all students can succeed if they are given the correct support inspires all stakeholders. Inclusion is embedded throughout the school. A thorough knowledge of each student’s strengths and next steps feeds into detailed plans and targeted learning experiences. The sense of community and focus on the well-being of students further supports success. As a result, each child is encouraged and supported to reach and go beyond their perceived potential.

There are many strengths at the school, including the:

• students, who are confident, enthusiastic learners, taking pleasure in and making the most of the many opportunities that the school offers;

• inspirational leadership provided by the principal, which cascades down to proactive and very effective leadership teams;

• dynamic, caring and knowledgeable teachers who are skilled in bringing out the best in every student;

• focus on students’ welfare and safety, with effective practices including robust safeguarding;

• high levels of attainment and progress, which are consistently sustained across the school;

• strong sense of community within the ‘JPS family’, which is felt and valued by all stakeholders;

• attitudes to diversity and inclusion, where everyone is welcome and individual differences are celebrated;

• high morale, due to the active promotion of well-being across the whole community;

• JPS connect, which draws together a wide range of strands of support for students, to ensure the learning needs of all are met;

• robust use of data to monitor and track students’ progress, identifying any gaps and feeding into personalised support strategies;

• communications and relationships with parents, who are valued partners in their children’s learning journeys.


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