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GEMS Jumeirah Primary School’s official transport provider is School Transport Services (STS), a part of STS Group of companies.

As the UAE’s leading private operator for school transport, STS has been a proud partner to the education sector for over a decade. The school bus fleet, in line with their core values of Safe, Timely, Smart, are enabled with safety features such as GPS monitoring, electronic attendance systems, surveillance cameras, fatigue detection system, amongst other technologies centered around student safety. The transport staff undergo rigorous training programmes in student welfare and road safety management. Each bus route has a dedicated bus driver and bus guardian who will a part of the student’s school bus experience.

STS works closely with the school’s administration team to ensure that parents and students receive the best service possible. Upon submission of the Transport Request form, the STS Service Delivery Executive (SDE) will confirm the pick-up/drop-off point, and you will be notified of the timings, bus number, and the driver’s details.

STS is committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions and air pollution by optimising bus routes and encouraging the use of transport services, in return reducing the number of cars on the roads. For more information, please visit



Bus availability

The STS network covers a large area across Dubai, however it is not possible to guarantee all bus routes requested.


The Service Delivery Executive of STS works with the school administration and acts as the first contact for parents for transport matters.

Mobile  : +971 55 2207480

E-mail :  [email protected]

Transport Fees

A transport fee is charged for ten months in an academic year, divided into three terms. The fee should be paid before the beginning of a term. Full payment for each term should be done, irrespective of the number of working days. If the transport fee is not paid by the 5th of the first month of the term, service will not be available from the next day.

Transport use can be discontinued only at the end of a term. No refund shall be made for the unexpired portion of the term, in case of withdrawal from transport facility. A service charge of AED 100/- will be applicable to those who discontinue transport service for any reason other than discontinuation at the end of the academic year.

For Online Payment, Application Form and Terms & Conditions please visit

Forms to be completed and handed into STS

Student Registration Form

STS Terms and Conditions

Student Bus Behaviour Code

Undertaking By Parents

If you have any queries, please contact our STS Service Delivery Executive on +971552207480 or [email protected]

*Please note - whilst we will do everything possible to offer your preferred route, we cannot guarantee this will always be possible.

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