Why Choose JPS?

Creativity Is The Key

Creativity is at the heart of the JPS Journey. JPS uses art, drama and creative situations as a medium to enhance understanding and skills within concepts and learning. JPS teaches using concepts and skills that are timeless, flexible and open-ended to develop higher level critical thinking in all our children.



EXPLORE artsed

"ArtsEd originated from two schools, one founded in 1919 by Grace Cone and one founded in 1922 by Olive Ripman. These two educational pioneers believed passionately in the value of combining a general academic education with specialised training in dance, drama, music and art. They were committed to preparing young people for professional careers in, or related to, the theatre." - artsed.co.uk

Hear What Our Students Have To Say

  • I am so grateful that I could participate in this amazing moment! Firstly, I met the SUPERSTAR! Mr. T, who was amazing at rapping, dancing, acting and band singing - he could do it all!

    Samaira Sahni

    Year 6 Student

  • My experience at the workshop was fantastic! It felt magical to be dancing and singing again and I owe it all to ArtsEd for making it happen. Mr T was very funny! It was the best day ever!!! We danced, sang, acted we did everything you could imagine! 

    Farah Al Labadi

    Year 6 Student

  • I loved the workshop with Mr.T and found the whole experience absolutely mind blowing.

    Mustafa Lohdi

    Year 6 Student

  • I loved the working with the ArtsEd team, it really gave me confidence and I will use this in future auditions.

    Hemangi Agarwal

    Year 6 Student

  • WOW WOW WOW!! I feel so lucky to have been part of such an amazing workshop. Mr. T was super talented.

    Stela Figova

    Year 6 Student



Our Arts Festival is one of our annual whole-school events, where students in every year group carry out an in-depth art project. View some of our students' work below. 

Music Enrichment

Music is central to the life of the school. Children are encouraged to perform right from the start of their school days in a range of music assemblies and 'Thursday Showtime!’ performances. We offer a wide range of musical and performing arts clubs including Chamber Choir, JPS Singers, Festive Choir, Musical Theatre, String group, Woodwind group, Band, Recorders and Ukulele. These are celebrated in a termly concert, which regularly features over two hundred children.