A Curriculum Right For You

A bespoke and ever-evolving innovative curriculum. JPS focuses on the best of the British Curriculum whilst incorporating the methodologies of the highest attaining international curriculums to enhance our learners’ experiences. All aspects of the JPS curriculum focus on depth and mastery to challenge and develop resilient and adaptable learners.



In a New Way

A high quality mathematics education provides a foundation for understanding the world. We aim to develop in children the ability to notice patterns and make connections in every aspect of life, applying what they have been taught to explain, justify and give reasons for these observations at greater depth.

In The Moment Planning

In the Foundation Stage, we deliver the majority of our curriculum through the ‘In the Moment Planning’ approach, which is observing and interacting with children as they pursue their own interests whilst assessing and moving the learning on in that moment by either supporting or providing an additional level of challenge. 



Conceptual Learning at Jumeirah Primary School is a bespoke programme of study combining knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum in England, dovetailed with timeless, global and abstract concepts. Our aim is to support our children in connecting and transferring their learning experiences in school to real life contexts, thus supporting them in becoming responsible citizens in an ever-changing global community.  


An Exciting Curriculum

  • My move to JPS has been an incredibly positive experience. I love the ethos of the school where the children, their enjoyment and love of learning is paramount. I am able to celebrate and embrace the achievements of every child from the whole child perspective. The atmosphere at JPS is extremely friendly and supportive across every area of the school. Wellbeing is at the heart of JPS both for children and staff, making every day a joy to come to school!"

    Sarah Roberts

    Sarah Roberts

    Head of FS1

  • I like school because I get to play with my friends. I like to play outside with the blocks. My teacher is so funny when she dances."

    FS1 Student

  • The relationship between teachers and students is incredibly important. JPS encourage and practice two way-respect between student and teacher, warmth and empathy."

    Emma Deans

    Emma Deans

    Head of FS2

  • I like playing with my friends in the playground. I also like to learn how to read and add numbers together"


    FS2 Student

  • I chose to work at JPS because of the wonderful atmosphere I could sense, even from the across the oceans. I loved that the school’s focus wasn’t purely academic; there is a big emphasis on children’s emotional and mental wellbeing, achieved through play and a well thought-out curriculum. As a new member of the teaching team here, I have felt welcomed and supported thanks to the dedicated staff I am very fortunate to work alongside."

    Hafiza Hajat

    Year 1 Teacher

  • I love my school. My favourite thing is doing Maths and doing dividing. I have fun at school because it is fun and I get to play."

    Jibraan Sheikh

    Year 1C Student

  • I am now in my fifth year of teaching at JPS. I knew it was the right school for me from the moment I set foot through the doors all those years ago. I am very fortunate to be the Head of Year 2 this year which has been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills."

    Rachel Locke

    Katie Ward

    Head of Year 2

  • I love learning new things every day! I really love Conceptual Learning because we get to learn about History as well as use our Art skills. My teachers are so kind and they know everything!"


    Year 2E Student

  • My favourite days at JPS are those which enable the children to develop their knowledge in skills in a fun and practical way such as ‘Dash through the Decades Day’ and ‘International Day’. JPS is a really special place to be!"

    Chloe Nixon

    Chloe Nixon

    Head of Year 3

  • I love the teachers we have at JPS, they are always so kind and thoughtful, they make all our lessons fun and exciting."

    Nuraya Khosla

    Year 3 Student

  • I love working in an international setting full of diversity. It’s great to learn more about different cultures and I like to hear the different experiences of the children I teach and adults I work with."

    Rebecca Middleton

    Katy Benson

    Head of Year 4

  • I enjoy learning new things and making new friends. In lessons, I like doing challenges in Maths and English which are fun!"


    Year 4E Student

  • The strong, positive and close relationship between the school and families is like no other. There is a truly  warm and inclusive atmosphere."

    Laura Cunliffe

    Laura Cunliffe

    Head of Year 5

  • The teachers take lots of time to plan the lesson and they always make the lessons different. We don’t just sit and copy the work out but we do fun activities to learn and each time it is different."

    Year 5 Student

  • The children we teach are exceptional and have taught me as much as I have taught them."


    Tim Edwards

    Year 6B Teacher

  • I really love learning because the teachers are wonderful and smart! You learn many things you didn't know before from them and they help you on your journey through each topic everyday."

    Isabella Tudose

    Year 6 Student