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When you join our community, you become part of our JPS Family, where we celebrate and embrace our exquisite variances. Your wellbeing is paramount to us all. At JPS, we believe in actively supporting other communities and through our incredible awareness-raising and fund-raising have significantly impacted on the lives of others worldwide.





International Day

International Day is one of the highlights of the year at Jumeirah Primary School! Organised by our incredible PTA, it is a fantastic opportunity for the children - and adults - to come to school in clothes to represent our home countries. As there are seventy two (and counting!) represented in our JPS family, it is so exciting to share and celebrate our cultural diversity together. During the day, we have dances and performances, as well as a chance to sample food from each country that the awesome PTA have organised. It is simply an amazing day!



At Jumeirah Primary School, the development of lifelong leadership skills is one of many learning opportunities offered to all students from Year 3 to Year 6. Having effective student leaders supports the development of responsible learners, creates a positive school environment and encourages students to model the JPS values. Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences help our students become independent and responsible citizens, making sure they are prepared to become lifelong learners. 



When you join the JPS Family, you are automatically part of our Parent Teacher Association. At JPS, we know that the best possible way for us to support your child is through a very strong partnership with our parents. Your voice really matters - in order to be ever-evolving, we ask our parents to help us strategically move forward. Parental engagement has huge benefits for your children’s development academically: research shows that your strong understanding of how children learn has a significant impact on their future outcomes. Our PTA is extremely active and another fantastic way for you to make connections socially as each class has representation. We look forward to welcoming you into our JPS Family – your family in Dubai.

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The Wellbeing Department works to promote and protect the social and emotional wellbeing of all JPS pupils, families and staff. We aim to work proactively and reactively, to ensure sound emotional development, which in turn allows pupils to flourish within the classroom.

The values we promote for all our community of students, staff and parents are based on the PERMA model of positive psychology applied to education. Our core values are to promote a positive community, positive emotions, positive health, positive relationships, positive achievement and positive mindset. Hear what some of our parents have to say below:

“Thanks again for all of your support, encouragement and kindness - it means so much to us all.” 

“My son speaks so highly of these sessions and I cannot thank you enough for supporting him at this time” 

  • 93

    of our students reported high and medium levels of happiness and optimism

  • 91

    of our students reported high or medium levels of perseverance


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