Jumeirah Primary School and Jumeirah College

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A unique opportunity to experience a primary school setting with direct access to an ‘Outstanding’ neighbouring secondary school. Children at JPS can continue their journey of outstanding education to Jumeirah College. Our students have a priority placement providing an all-encompassing education, all whilst enjoying the primary years’ experience on a separate site. Almost all children at JPS choose to continue on to JC have places and achieve outstanding GCSE and A Level results. There are direct and regular links between the schools for students and staff at every level.


From JPS to JC

Our Students' Journeys

Arianna Abraham


Hashim Kazarooni 


Stacey Wilson



From as early as year 4, JPS students are exposed to enrichment activities at Jumeirah College.









JPS and JC

  • The best thing about moving on from JPS to JC was the fact that most JPS students continue onto JC, allowing for a smoother transition. A brand new scary school is slightly less intimidating when you're surrounded by familiar faces!"

    Stacey Wilson

    Year 11

  • Coming from JPS was definitely a great advantage - the community of friends and classmates that I had there were mostly present at JC as well. This made adjusting to a new school much easier and more exciting. Friends can help each other out as well as making new friends - it was a great experience over all!"


    Sairam Ravi

    Year 11

  • JPS prepared me for JC by already giving me an exceptional education to prepare me for my studies in secondary school."


    Ella Anthonissen

    Year 11

  • In JPS, they teach you key skills in life such as resilience and hard work which are explored greater in JC as the curriculum is tougher."


    Hashim Kazarooni

    Year 9

  • When I first joined Jumeirah College, I certainly hoped that I would fit in well and it would be a smooth transition. I now realise that because of my time in JPS, this happened."

    Aryan Kale

    Aryan Kale

    Year 9

  • I felt excited to try a new school and JPS was amazing especially in year 6 so I was very excited for what JC had to offer and from a learning perspective it was amazing."


    David Dwyer

    Year 8

  • JC completed my journey as i still have friends from JPS and they will stay forever friends."


    Isabella Hope

    Year 8

  • 100

    of JPS students are offered a place in JC

  • 18

    of last Year’s 13 students who graduated 2019-2020 started their foundation journey at JPS


JPS and JC