About us

Welcome to GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

Striving For Excellence 

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School provides first class education based on the English National Curriculum. It is one of the most sought after primary schools in Dubai teaching students from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

The school has excellent facilities and is located in the heart of Dubai’s most prestigious residential area, Jumeirah. Our campus and its facilities provide a bright, well-resourced environment for our students. The spacious well-lit and comfortable classrooms are equipped to meet the age-specific learning requirements of our children. Additional specialist teaching areas, staffed with well-qualified practitioners, enhances teaching and learning for our students.

There are over 70 nationalities represented at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of our host city. The International nature of our school is one of our many strengths. We live and work in harmony together, respecting our cultural differences and learning from each other. Our Annual International Day is an opportunity for children to become better world citizens and experience the diversity of nationalities who attend GEMS Jumeirah Primary School. Children are allowed to dress in their national clothes and parents set up exhibits so that the school can experience the food and culture from around the world.

We understand that our children may be Global Nomads or, on the other hand, may be experiencing their first taste of life away from home. In a rapidly changing world, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School provides a balanced commitment between values, which have stood the test of time, and a modern, innovative education. Citizenship and opportunities to develop form the foundations of success at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School.

Children and learning are at the heart of our school. The standards of behaviour are high, as are the academic standards. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School has a dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants, administrative and ancillary staff who together make this an outstanding school. 

Gems Jumeirah Primary School is a wholly inclusive school.  We welcome applications from all children including those with additional needs. 

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School believes that parents play an integral role in every child’s success and thus prides itself in forming a close relationship with parents, encouraging involvement within school and the Parental Council. Focus groups and parent consultations are one of the many opportunities for parents to participate in school. Students receive progress reports termly and there is a full programme of concerts, exhibitions and sporting fixtures for them throughout the school year. The GEMS Jumeirah Primary School Parents' Association charitable fund raising efforts and social activities make an invaluable contribution to the school.

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is an accredited member of the Council of British International Schools - COBIS (www.cobis.org.uk), providing quality assurance in its member schools. 

COBIS hosts an Annual Conference for Principals, Governors (Board Members) and members of school Senior Leadership Teams. The programme includes talks and seminars on developments in British and international education and affords its delegates the opportunity for discussion, reflection, networking and sharing best practices with fellow leaders in education.