Manique Piyatunga

Manique Piyatunga

ELL Programme Coordinator

I’m a Trinity College UK certified teacher specialized to teach English to students of other languages (TESOL). I have been attached to Jumeirah Primary School for the past 13 years.

Jumeirah Primary school is proud of its diversity of students from different cultures, reflecting the richness of Dubai. In order to adequately address the diverse needs of children who are identified as English Language Learners, assessments are carried out and specific intervention is put into place during the school day. The content of the sessions are designed to boost the children’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, along with establishing a strong level of conversational English. Our ELL programme at Jumeirah Primary school is designed to give support to children whose first language is not English. The aim of this programme is to develop and strengthen English skills enabling children to be successful in the mainstream classroom. I constantly communicate with class teachers and monitor the progress of each and every child in our care.

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