Mathematics at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

A high quality Mathematics education provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation for the beauty and power of mathematics and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School teaches a bespoke curriculum. Using the Mathematics curriculum of England, tailored with the latest research of Maths Mastery from the National Centre for the Excellence of Teaching Maths (NCETM) and the Singapore approach, the focus is on securing an understanding in the subject by developing a greater depth. The children are provided with opportunities to develop their ability to calculate fluently, to reason and solve problems through application of knowledge and transferable skills. Mathematics is essential to everyday life which is incorporated through cross curricular links, particularly with STEAM. This gives the children an opportunity to see purpose within Mathematics and use real life examples to deepen their understanding and inform them of the necessity for Mathematics in every day life.

Mathematics at GEMS Jumeirah Primary school is taught in mixed ability groups. By doing so the school aims to provide more opportunities for all children to achieve their potential. This is through careful and thorough planning of the whole unit of work as well as modelled teaching and activities provided. At GEMS Jumeirah Primary School children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to move through the work at a pace appropriate to their ability. Children work independently, in pairs and groups which exposes all children to a higher level of vocabulary and reasoning and provides opportunities for children to be supported and support their peers. Lessons are carefully planned and questions differentiated using the Blooms language of learning to develop higher order thinking skills and depth of understanding to ensure that the task matches the needs of the individuals.

Each year GEMS Jumeirah Primary School plans a Maths Day with a different focus. This provides the children with the opportunity to showcase their mathematical knowledge and skills within a different context and with purpose for their learning to take place in a fun and enjoyable way.

Computing at JPS

The vision at JPS is to improve learning outcomes through cross curricular application of Computing to prepare students with the computational thinking skills to deliver success for an ever evolving global environment of information and technology.

We aim to provide our students with the access to modern technology to enable them to leave school as confident, responsible and safe e-learners. Technology is embedded into lesson planning to promote Computing as a tool for engaging the students and enriching their learning. We make use of the laptops, many iPads and iPod touches, Mac zones and interactive White Boards to enhance learning and increase the familiarity of using up-to-date technology. We have more recently been developing our use of a Learning Platform and recording equipment such as Green screen technology and VR.

Foundation Stage

The Computing experience is delivered in the comfort of their familiar environment and through small computer pods specially set up for the Early Years. Students are introduced to basic computer skills and terminology while using interactive programs and also use specialist cameras to record pictures. They are beginning to use Coding programs and peripherals too.

Key Stage 1

Students receive at least one lesson per week in their classes, led by their classroom teacher. They also have access to a Laptop & iPad trolley on a daily basis. KS1 have access to a wide variety of engaging software to support cross-curricular learning, whilst acquiring key Computing skills. A new emphasis on Computer Programming is now in place and we are excited to see what the children learn from it.

Key Stage Two 

The aim is to increasingly embed Computing in the regular lessons utilising a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) philosophy in Years 4-6. Portable equipment like, digital cameras and voice recorders are used in addition to specialist Computers lessons in a fully equipped computer lab. A new emphasis on Computer Programming is now in place. Collaborative work tools such as Google Apps for Education are in place to further support independent learning.

JPS remains committed to preparing and empowering students to learn and apply digital technologies in a responsible and productive manner.