Year 1



"I chose to work at JPS because of the wonderful atmosphere I could sense, even from across the oceans. I loved that the school’s focus wasn’t purely academic; there is a big emphasis on children’s emotional and mental wellbeing, achieved through play and a well thought-out curriculum. As a new member of the teaching team here, I have felt welcomed and supported thanks to the dedicated staff I am very fortunate to work alongside."

Hafiza Hajat
Year 1 


"I like seeing my friends and I like going to school. We have lots of fun things to play with and I really like my teacher because she is very kind."

Sienna-Rose Filizkok

"I like writing lessons like when we found dragon footprints in the playground, but I love playtimes even more because I can play with my friends."

Freya Pass

"I love my school. My favourite thing is doing Maths and doing dividing. I have fun at school because it is fun and I get to play."

Jibraan Sheikh