Year 6



"I have worked at JPS for quite some time now (6 years) and I really must say it has been a pretty amazing experience. The people who started out as colleagues have become some of my dearest and closest friends. I now class Dubai as my home and have been able to build a new family with like-minded, driven and ambitious people.

The children we teach are exceptional and have taught me as much as I have taught them. JPS has been great to me and I intend on spending many more years here and will even send my own children here."

Tim Edwards
Year 6 Teacher

"I moved to Dubai in 2014 and looked for a school that would feel like a home away from home and what I found at JPS was exactly that. In my seven years at JPS, I have progressed in my career, moving into a variety of leadership roles, and developed professional relationships that make me excited to come into work every day. For me, there is no other school in Dubai like JPS - the community, the students, the families and the staff - all of these factors make me love my job. I have taught some amazing little humans over my seven years as a teacher here and I genuinely enjoy spending time with the children, imparting my knowledge, wisdom and passions. I often find that the children inspire me and teach me just as much as I teach them! It’s very hard to imagine moving on from JPS, as is it a place full of fun, friends, opportunity and happy memories for me."

Deanna Richardson
Head of Year 6



Engagement With

"What I really love about learning is how there are so many possibilities, so many opportunities, and fascinating things to learn about and observe and investigate. To learn is to develop your mind and your emotions but what I really love is not how I learn something new every day, but how every day, more doors are opened, more learning opportunities are made, how there is always something new to put your mind to. I am so happy and fortunate to have great teachers, who open my mind to the world, and so much that is left to learn, study and discover. I love how learning is endless."

Zaina Akram (Head Girl)

"I am in JPS and this year I am 11. I love learning! JPS gives us a great education. The teachers are so kind and help me succeed in learning a variety of subjects and things I did not know before. I appreciate being part of the JPS family and I feel really fortunate to have such a good education and have so many good friends. I appreciate having somewhere to be when things go wrong and I appreciate when I feel sad or worried that I have people at JPS to help me in sticky situations. Right now, we are in a global pandemic and I am in a room with children of my age - we are all social distancing with 2 meters between us and we all have to wear masks. I don’t mind this though because some people around the world don't even have education or people to go to when they are in trouble so I feel lucky to have such a lovely and kind community around me. My favourite subject in my school is Mathematics because I can learn a plethora of things and subjects. For example, before, I didn't know how to divide fractions, but now I can do it in a single glance. I feel happy and good when I am in this school. I feel lucky to be able to flourish in different subjects and lucky to be in such a lovely community."

Yijun Liao

"I love learning because you learn new things every day. It will also help you in your future to get a good job. At JPS, learning is fun and we know that we learn from our mistakes. For example, sometimes, when you skateboard, bike or scoot, you will fall or hurt yourself, but we still get up and go again. This is the way that we learn! Falling is absolutely fine, falling is part of learning."

Josephine Courtois

"My favourite subject to learn in JPS is Mathematics because this, I believe, is the most vast subject, demanding you to use different parts of your mind to solve even the trickiest of questions. Maths at JPS is a whole new level with new levels of challenges in different formats. With the vast range of topics for Maths, JPS has really made me fully understand what every single point means. With my favourite topic being fractions, decimal and percentages, they might not be so different but JPS has made me understand the differences and helped me perfect my skills."

Muhammad Mustafa Hammad

"What I love about learning is that it will help us in life, it will help us create memories and it will help us feel proud of ourselves. I'm extremely lucky to be learning because some children aren't able to. If only every child in this world could feel the sensation of finding things you once never knew. My favorite subject is Art because that way I can express my feelings in a way that is subtle, calming and phenomenal. The best experiences in school happen when learning. My best experience was when I found my hidden mental maths talent. Learning is truly amazing. I love it."

Anya Ehsan

"I love learning new things and making mistakes and learning from them. I love it when my teacher helps me when I am stuck on a question - he is always there for me. Failing is not when you get a question wrong; failing is when you don't try. My teacher always tells me a positive attitude is the right response to anything. My favorite subjects are Maths and English. Maths is really fun and I love solving problems. I aim to learn at least one new thing per lesson and usually learn more. In English, I love learning new words and adding them to my vocabulary. I have loved writing persuasively and have enjoyed so many more interesting types of texts. I love school."

Yasmine Alsheikh

"What I really like about learning is that the mistakes we make help us learn. There is never an end to what we need to learn - always more, more, more. Scientists always find something new to learn and so do I. I have a few favourite subjects. Firstly, I love English because I am French and I really like to learn how to write in 'the English way'. Secondly, History fascinates me. I love to learn about the past, how people thought back then, myths and legends and lots more. Finally, I really enjoy Conceptual Learning as I enjoy drawing and adding new words to my vocabulary."

Clara Sagrafena

"I really love learning and think that it can really help me for the future. The thing I love about learning is that if you make a mistake, you always have a chance to try again. My favourite subject is Mathematics because it is enjoyable, fun and useful, like money can help in the future. Maths can help you weigh different things, etc. My favourite learning experience was when we did an experiment about yeast in Science. It was really fun since we had 2 cups and poured some water in them, then we chose what to put inside. The options were Digestives, sugar, milk powder and flour. I chose milk powder and sugar. Then we put yeast in the mixture and saw the reaction. Sadly, mine did not have a big reaction but it was still really fun."

William Roghe

"My favourite subject is English since there are so many different areas to learn about. I love writing narratives because I get to use my imagination and create stories. This year, even though there were many restrictions about what we were allowed to do in school because of the current global situation, everyone got a chance to have fun. I feel really lucky to be a part of JPS because all the students here are protected and happy."

Palhak Kathuria



"I joined JPS in the middle of Year Four however I feel like I have been here forever. I received a warm welcome from my classmates and just like that I felt like I really belonged! There are people of all types here and that is one thing I love about JPS - no matter who you are or where you come from, there will always be a place for you at JPS. JPS helped me unlock new possibilities for myself and learn new things about myself. For example, one of my best friends Elin helped me discover my love for football. Not only are the students great but so are the teachers. I have had all kinds of teachers here and they each have something unique that really stands out. Like my teacher (Ms. Richardson) really knows how to make us laugh and knows how to understand children. There are a million reasons why I love JPS and this is where I really belong!"

Isabella Ward

"I really love learning because the teachers are wonderful and smart! You learn many things you didn't know before from them and they help you on your journey through each topic every day. My personal favourite subject is science because you get to do experiments and you learn about the magic of this world! The teachers explain when it gets hard and help you to challenge yourself. So thank you teachers for helping us grow."

Isabella Tudose

"I have been at JPS since FS1 and I love JPS because I love all my teachers and friends. My teachers and friends always have my back and on my first day I got a warm welcome. Now that I am in Year Six, I love all my relationships with everyone and I feel like I now belong. My friends always help me get through hard times and make me smile. No matter who you are or where you come from, JPS treats you like family and I like that. This is my 8th year in JPS and I’m only ten yet I can’t explain how much I love this school - it helps me get through hard times and feels like home."

Elin Sharpe