Year 3



"Over the past five years, the JPS team and community have become my family away from home. Since walking through the doors in 2016, I have been so grateful to work in a school that strives to be ‘beyond outstanding’  and where I am able to develop my teaching skills in line with the best pedagogical practices from around the world. The Senior Leadership team are always open to hearing innovative ideas. My favourite days at JPS are those which enable the children to develop their knowledge  and skills in a fun and practical way such as ‘Dash through the Decades Day’ and ‘International Day’. JPS is a really special place to be!"


Engagement With

"I enjoy having outdoor play time because we get to spend time with our friends playing games. We have lots of snack times were we can eat. I like that the classroom shows what we are learning so, if we forget, we can look at resources to help us. I love that the children are very kind to me and we can work together. I love PE because we are always active and can forget about our worries and mathematics because I love the challenge and problems that I solve - I always have to use my brain! My teachers are kind to me, they let me answer lots of questions and I can share my thinking and knowledge with others."

Felix Seeger 

"I love being able to spend time with my friends at school. I enjoy Science and English because they have fun activities and I always learn something new. I love doing experiments and investigations in Science! My teachers are really good at teaching and know lots of things. They always help me. I think the classroom is really helpful because when I look around there are always things to help me -  they give me ideas and I enjoy seeing my friends or my work on the walls!"

Annabel Lewis

"I only came to JPS in September but I really love my teachers and friends. My teachers are really kind. If I ever feel sad, they always help me to feel better and look after me. I enjoy science lessons because we are always busy doing lots of experiments. I enjoy English and Reading too because we get to share lots of amazing stories that give me so many ideas for my own stories and writing! I really like learning tricky spellings."

Amira Hasan



"I love the teachers we have at JPS. They are always so kind and thoughtful and they make all our lessons fun and exciting. The teachers help me to learn so many new things in lessons, but they also have taught me how to be confident and speak clearly. I think this helped me to be voted deputy school councilor this year!"

Nuraya Khosla

"I really like the teachers I have because they let us keep active inside and outside the classroom! I love that we are able to use the internet to communicate with the teachers on Google Meet. I now know how to complete more mathematics problems because they show me easier ways to do things in a fun way."

Ava Prasad

"My teachers always help me learn. If I ever get stuck, they always help me - they don’t tell me the answer but always help lead me so that I get things right and this makes me happy! I enjoy having my teachers because they make sure everyone is happy and having a fun time. I think it’s really important to have amazing teachers because then everyone will keep happy and keep working hard because they want to please their teachers!"

Noah Bedaiwi