Year 5



"JPS felt like a second home from the moment I walked in! Something I can honestly say, after spending 17 years in this wonderful educational environment., has continued. Working with people who embrace the challenges of teaching our young learners has been an absolute pleasure. As a teacher at JPS, you always feel valued and supported, both by colleagues and parents. The strong, positive and close relationship between the school and families is like no other. There is a truly warm and inclusive atmosphere. Key to JPS’ success is its willingness to embrace change and take on challenges that benefit the learning and teaching. The special days at JPS such as International Day, National Day, Flag Day, Sports Day and many others have provided many special, warm moments that I will always cherish."


Engagement With

"I have been in JPS for 7 magnificent years and every year it becomes more amazing! There are many reasons why this is. First of all, my teachers are extremely kind and helpful. The teachers plan really fun lessons such as science when we get to do exciting experiments. My favourite one was when we tested the strength of a magnet. As well as this, I love that there are special dress up days such as International Day and World Book Day. Having days like these in school make learning more exciting and superb. Math is also really enjoyable because I feel like I am always challenged to reach my targets. I feel like JPS is my second home and I am so lucky to go to this safe, unique school."

Oscar Galindo

"Learning is fantastic and wonderful because it develops and broadens your mind. I am lucky that I have the opportunity to be educated in one of the best schools in Dubai. You know some people in other countries, and even here in Dubai, don’t get an opportunity to be educated like I do. I truly appreciate this and know I am very fortunate. My favourite subject is mathematics because it is creative and you can learn lots of new skills. I am unbelievably proud when I get something right and I keep trying when things are tricky. Even if I get things wrong, I am still learning. I am passionate about maths because I enjoy a challenge and can use the skills I learn in my every day life."

Evie Gavin



"Mr. Roberts makes all of our lessons really funny - he puts jokes and silly bits in to make us laugh. He’s funny in maths because of the ways he finds to explain things to us."

"The teachers take lots of time to plan the lessons and they always make them different. We don’t just sit and copy the work out but we do fun activities to learn and each time it is different."

"Mr. Williams is very caring and he doesn’t make us stressed or put lots of pressure on us. When things are hard, he finds good ways to explain it to us and makes sure he helps the people who want help. Also, he always finds time for us to finish our work so we can do our best."