Year 4



"Joining JPS and moving countries during a pandemic has not been easy, but I have felt well supported by the school and I feel lucky to be working with friendly and talented staff who have definitely helped me adapt to living and teaching in Dubai.

The curriculum is progressive and based on current pedagogical practices that utilise technology to promote effective teaching and learning, something that has been so important this past year. The children have adapted to these ‘new ways, new days’ exceptionally well and this doesn’t happen without good relationships and communication with the families who see JPS as an important part of the community. 

Although I am an experienced teacher, I am learning lots from other staff and benefitting through virtual CPD provided by the school. The fact that teacher turnover here is low speaks volumes about how highly regarded JPS is and I am looking forward to experiencing the more enriching aspects of the school as lockdown restrictions begin to ease and life returns to normal!"

James Mitchinson
Year 4 Teacher

"I love working in an international setting full of diversity. It’s great to learn more about different cultures and I like to hear the different experiences of the children I teach and adults I work with. I love being in Year 4. I work with a great team of colleagues and have a lovely class.

I like that teachers can be creative when planning. I like the different fun days and activities to link to different world events. 

I love getting to plan lessons with other teachers and share ideas and experience. We have a great team! We all work hard and get on well. We care about each other. I also like that You can see the Burj Khalifa from school!"


Engagement With

"I enjoy learning new things and making new friends. In lessons, I like doing challenges in Maths and English which are fun!"


"I like learning Maths especially fractions and doing Electricity in Science. I like playing outside and doing PE lessons because I love the outdoors."


"I love Maths and Science and seeing my friends and playing with them. I like the teachers as they are very nice here. I like Conceptual Learning Sparkly Starts because they are always fun activities."




"Mr Mitchinson is really funny and teaches good lessons. He’s always active and does lots of different activities like Art and we get to do some of them outside!"

Amber and Teline

"Mrs Cuthbertson is sweet and teachers properly. She is kind and always helps everybody. She is just fantastic!"