Foundation Stage 2



"The relationship between teachers and students is incredibly important. JPS encourage and practice two way-respect between student and teacher, warmth and empathy. Speaking to children using eye-contact and at their level helps them feel safe and secure. 

I love working at JPS because I am privileged to teach and learn about the children in my class. Every day, we enjoy new learning and our daily interactions allow me to find out more about them – what they enjoy doing, what they are afraid of, what they are proud of and what they want to achieve. These memories can last a lifetime for both the child and the teacher."


“I like doing Action Words and learning how to read. I also like to draw things with my best friends.”


“I like playing with my friends in the playground. I also like to learn how to read and add numbers together.” 


“I love JPS! I started in Frog Class and now I am a big boy and I am in Jelly Fish Class. I like to play outside with my friends. We go in the Outdoor Area and build pirate ships and be pirates.” 


“I like learning letters and learning how to play with my friends.”