Year 2



"I am now in my fifth year of teaching at JPS. I knew it was the right school for me from the moment I set foot through the doors all those years ago. I am very fortunate to be the Head of Year 2 this year which has been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills. I love teaching at JPS because the children bring so much enthusiasm into the classroom each day! I am very fortunate to work alongside an incredibly dedicated team of teachers here at JPS."

Katie Ward
Head of Year 2


"I love learning new things every day! I really love Conceptual Learning because we get to learn about History as well as use our art skills. My teachers are so kind and they know everything!"


"JPS is full of all of my friends! Mrs. Newberry is my favourite teacher. She teaches such lovely lessons – they are fun! I really love Science and finding out news things!"


"I have such a nice and funny teacher who tells jokes. My favourite lesson is computing, especially coding . I really enjoy my Conceptual Learning lessons because we get to learn about different cultures. This time, we’ve been focusing on communication – I learnt how to write my name in Morse code!"


"I am new to JPS and I really like it here. My teacher is kind and she makes learning fun! The best lesson is Science. I love doing investigations. My favourite one was when we learnt about absorbing water."